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Wildwood Scented Pencils

$ 22.00

A NEW ADDITION - these pencils are heady with the fragrance of the woods, dry smoky sandalwood, but with a little touch of spice, with incense and birch tar. We love them, and they also make a great gift for those who prefer the less feminine, floral fragrances. A set of six cedarwood pencils. These pencils are lovingly made for us by a 100 year old pencil factory. The cedarwood they are made from is impregnated with a selected fragrance. Sold in a letterpress printed presentation box. These pencils are one of our best-selling products and we have a waiting list for them as they sell out so quickly, so they may have a slightly longer shipping time than the rest of your order. We try and get them out as quickly as we can, but they may take longer than our standard delivery times.

• Made in United Kingdom

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