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Panton: Environments, Colors, Systems, Patterns

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A visual romp through the career of the iconic ’60s Danish designer, known for his groovy, vibrant furniture and lighting

Verner Panton (1926–98) was Danish design’s enfant terrible during the mid-20th century. While his colleagues prioritized natural materials and manual craftsmanship, Panton experimented with colored plastic, fiberglass, steel and synthetic fabrics and tested new industrial mass-production methods. In 1960, he debuted the first single-form injection-molded plastic chair, known as the S chair, which is still produced today. While Panton’s works are undoubtedly connected to the ethos and aesthetics of the ’60s and ’70s, their mixture of utilitarianism and comfort presages the concerns of contemporary design.
Panton: Environments, Colors, Systems, Patterns presents a comprehensive look into the designer’s world. Approaching his oeuvre from four different thematic sections, the book critically examines Panton’s ideology while guiding the reader through his furniture, interior and building designs: from the groovy geometric rooms of the Hotel Astoria to shimmering shell lamps and multistory furniture. This new version of the bestselling, now-collectible 2018 edition features a fresh new layout while keeping the same psychedelic cover, and includes more illustrations and images of Panton’s personal life, his technicolor interiors and advertisements for his products.

Hardcover, 325 pages
ISBN 9788792949578

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