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$ 500.00

One of a 30 piece edition of ceramic handbags designed by SANGREE and inspired by the enigmatic symbol depicted in ancient imagery around the world showing godly figures carrying what appears to be a sort of purse. Many Heavenly and mystical interpretations have been give to these objects, from bags meant to carry ritual herbs and powders to succinct representations of the cosmos and the earth.  Whichever their true meaning might be, their resemblance to the fashionable handbags that we carry nowadays in undeniable.  The use of ceramic as a material also stands for the early tradition of firing clay to  fabricate all sort of containers and vessels that have served as a testimony of past cultures.

SANGREE's handbag can be regarded both as a beautifully crafted contemporary relic and as a very fashionable and equally fragile purse to carry our most essential belongings. 

This edition, released on November, 15th, 2021 consists of 30 high fire glazed, ceramic handbags produced by SANGREE in Mexico City.



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