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Sam Falls: Resonance

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Texts by James Michael Scheffer and Sam Falls


This project grew into something very special over time, and the lasting testament of that feeling is this book. The initial concept was to deal with imaging the dynamic landscape of California, something along the lines of intimacy with one’s landscape. I was thinking about Ansel Adams and Robert Adams both picturing the American West, zoomed in and zoomed out. But I didn’t want to just take pictures—I wanted to take more than an image of the place home with me—I wanted to create a feeling and an aura for each place, to translate not just the light, but the air, the water, and the sound of a place. That’s what led to the wind chimes, which I was weary of of course in the beginning given their preexisting connotations—the sentimentality attached to domestic craft—which in the end became incorporated as one of the most important lasting qualities of the project. —S.F.