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Sidney B. Felsen: Richard Serra at Gemini

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Since 1972, American artist Richard Serra (born 1938) has made over 320 print editions at the Los Angeles artists’ workshop and fine art publisher Gemini G.E.L.: more than any other artist. Gemini co-founder Sidney B. Felsen has witnessed each of these editions with camera in hand. For decades, Felsen has documented the artists at work at Gemini, capturing intimate moments of creativity and imagination. Early on, Felsen realized there was an intrusive element to photographing someone engaged in the private, meditative moments of making art. His ally became the close friendships with artists he developed throughout the decades. “Taking photographs,” says Serra, “is Sidney’s way of watching over not watching us.” Richard Serra at Gemini presents a selection from nearly 3,000 photos by Felsen, revealing ways in which Serra has remade the conventions of printmaking, and celebrating five decades of ongoing friendship and collaboration.

Sidney B. Felsen
Hardcover, 104 pages
ISBN 9783969992418