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Pecan Pie Baby

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Gia is tired of hearing about the new baby. It hasn't even been born yet, but everyone, even her friends, seem fixated on it. Gia thinks things are fine just the way they are! And she's worried: if the baby's such a big deal now, what's going to happen to Gia's nice, cozy life with Mama once it's born?
Beloved author Jacqueline Woodson and Sophie Blackall have created a heartwarming story for kids adjusting to the idea of a new family member. Young readers will be reassured by Gia's eventual understanding that the baby won't ruin the special bond she has with her mom, and might even be a sweet addition to the family.

Ages 5-8 

Jacqueline Woodson
Illustrated by Sophie Blackall
G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Hardcover, 32 pages
9 x 9 inches
ISBN 9780399239878

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