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Paul McCarthy: Caribbean Pirates

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This abundantly illustrated two-volume publication presents the photographic documentation of Frigate and Houseboat, two pirate-themed works by Paul McCarthy and his son Damon McCarthy, alongside a new text by John C. Welchman analyzing the McCarthys’ work. Taking the lawlessness of piracy as a departure point, these works explore the ways bodies, sex and violence all find themselves enmeshed in networks of cultural references that span from American consumerism to Disney and classical cinema. “DISNEY DOWN DOO THE HOLE DEATH AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HOLE begins begin begin began downward downward," McCarthy writes of this work; "hell is but a float liken a dead circus caucus past the restraint restaurant know one at the helm at the helm mate fantasy matting four abreast in a suburb boat begins with float float life is but a dream past your favorite sushi sexy house bar down you go know one knows ho ho….”