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New York Botanical Garden Wildflower Identification Flashcards: 100 Common Wildflowers of North America

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A compact, colorful, and informative deck of 102 flashcards for identifying 100 different wildflowers, featuring illustrations from the renowned archives of the New York Botanical Garden and authoritative text from The National Audubon Society.

Do you know when to look for the first blooms of Wild Columbine? Can you tell a yucca from an agave based on their flowers? If you, like millions of others, love to seek out new flowers in the wild, these flashcards will be your perfect knowledge builder and outdoor companion. On each card you'll find:

  • a detailed illustration of a common North American wildflower
  • the flower’s popular and Latin name
  • information on habitat, flowering season, range, and conservation.

Whether you’re a new explorer or a perennial wildflower hunter, 
New York Botanical Garden Wildflower Identification Flashcards will make it easy to identify your floral findings. The laminated cards easily wipe clean after a romp through the meadows and the convenient size makes it easy to slip a few into a pocket or toss the whole deck into a daypack. You can also use the cards to sharpen your skills before th

New York Botanical Gardens
102 cards
ISBN 9780593578537