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Microfreak: Hot Shot

$ 1,500.00

Hot Shot is one of a trio of characters in the limited edition Microfreaks Daybreak Collection by the Haas Brothers They were born out of collaboration between Niki, Simon, and the Haas Sisters, a group of talented women living in the rural community of Lost Hills in California's Central Valley. Because of this partnership 30% of profits benefit the community of Lost Hills. The conception and creation of the Microfreaks are proof that art can be a transformative platform.

Hot Shot, active and alert, uses her stalked eyes to surveil the land for any potential volcanic eruptions and to warn all of those in the area. Make no mistake, her frantic temperament is not a weakness, as she is a known heroine. Thick-skinned, she can even swim in lava, her eyes bobbing above the boiling flow. When the heat is on, she can keep her cool.

Material is pewter base, double brass-plated and 18k gold-plated and hand polished three times. Hand-beaded with Venetian and Czech glass beads.

Underside incised with “Dr. Hot Shot” by the Haas Brothers and Haas Sisters, Lost Hills, California

Includes custom Haas Brothers-designed "Dr. Hot Shot" environmental box (width 6", height 8.5", depth 5.38"), reflecting her own unique habitat.

Each item is handcrafted and may vary slightly from the image shown.

Each is signed by the Haas Brothers and numbered out of 500.

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