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Louise Bonnet & Adam Silverman: Entanglements

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Documenting an artist couple’s site-specific exhibition at Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic East Hollywood Hollyhock House Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as the centerpiece of an arts complex that was only partially realized, Hollyhock House has served as a home, an art club, a social club and a house museum. Entanglements, staged within the site, featured new works by a Los Angeles–based artist couple: painter Louise Bonnet (born 1970) and sculptor Adam Silverman (born 1963). Installed within the rooms and spaces of Hollyhock House, Bonnet’s paintings and Silverman’s ceramics engaged with the house’s 100-year history as a platform for artistic experimentation. Their joint exhibition foregrounded the many entanglements of a given place, broadening perspectives on this California house and its layered history. This book documents the pieces as they were installed in Hollyhock House, and features conversations between artists, architects, chefs, friends and lovers whose work and lives are entangled in Los Angeles.

Inventory Press 
Hardcover, 112 pages
ISBN 9781941753644