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Liliana Porter in Conversation with Inés Katzenstein

$ 25.00

The Fundación Cisneros’ Conversaciones/Conversations series is dedicated to preserving firsthand testimonies of leading artists and intellectuals from Latin America. Argentinian artist Liliana Porter has lived and worked in New York since 1964; her work has been exhibited internationally and is represented in many public and private collections. Using a wide range of media--including sculpture, printmaking, works on canvas, photography, video and installation--Porter playfully mixes the absurd with the philosophical to create extraordinary portrayals of everyday scenes and plights. In this, the seventh volume of the Conversaciones series, Porter is in dialogue with art historian and critic Inés Katzenstein. She describes with simplicity and humor the ways in which her work blends the real with the representational, often in hypothetical yet convincing mini-dramas using mass-produced, kitsch objects that elicit both our compassion and laughter.

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