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Kaleidoscope Multi-Colored Pencils set of 10

$ 15.00

The Kaleidoscope Multi-colored Pencils will bring a fun and surprising world of color to any piece of paper you use them on. The magic is in the pencil lead. Each pencil has its own special color-changing lead with 5 different colors so every stroke will be a colorful surprise! There's never a dull moment with these multi-colored pencils. The Kaleidoscope colored pencils also have chunky hexagonal barrels which means they are easy to hold and won't no roll-away either.
  • Set of 10 colored pencils - more pencils means more color
  • 5 colors in 1 - produce a different range of color with every stroke
  • Hexagonal barrel shape - does not roll away
  • Chunky barrel – for an easy grip
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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