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Iron Candle Stand (single)

$ 36.00

A solid iron candle stand designed to be paired with our selection of Japanese Sumac wax candles. (candles sold separately)

These simple yet charming pieces have been handmade by artisans, and each one features a slightly different shape.

These Japanese candle wicks are hollow - made from Washi paper, rush weeds and silk fibres. This technique creates a larger, yet softer, flame than traditional western-made candles. Almost feather-like in its gentleness, the flame is the candle for these Japanese craftsmen. The flame creates the ambience - and an emotion that is not possible with electric light. There is an exquisite balance in the form of the candle, the shape of the flame and the way it flickers and burns. Use them for quiet moments of reflection or to add a pop of interest to any room..