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Golda: Hiba Wood Atmostphere Spray for Dogs

$ 22.00

Golda Hiba Wood Mist for Dogs

Studio Cue is a peaceful, holistic studio retreat in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, where Tsugu Wada creates hand-printed photos and functional art, and Keiko Matsuo practices Japanese qi (chi) therapy. An example of the studio’s philosophy of combining diverse cultural materials and environments is seen in the array of products made with the aromatic oil from Japanese hiba wood. This durable and attractive wood is from the Aomori hiba, a tree in the cypress family that is often planted around temples and used to make furniture and utensils. This spray has a fragrance reminiscent of cedarwood that is purifying, uplifting, and stimulating and has a wide spectrum of uses including: odor elimination, insect repellent, and as an overall relaxing spray—perfect for your furry best friend! 2 oz.