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Glenn Kaino: This is a Promise

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Published for the Los Angeles–based interdisciplinary artist Glenn Kaino’s (born 1972) largest exhibition to date, In the Light of a Shadow, this book showcases his work and how art can chronicle parallel trajectories of disparate political and geographical contexts, utilizing history to speak about our present, and art to facilitate political action and hope. Kaino has built his career in the space between these two; creating projects that are based on the magic of trust, fair promises and righting the lapses in memory and omissions of history, all while creating beautifully hopeful and immersive installations.
This Book Is a Promise is organized in a galaxy-like structure, with different aspects of Kaino’s production over the years represented as intertwined constellations. Additionally, the book reads in two directions, Memory and Promise, each with their own cover. The Memory side presents a retrospective survey, while the Promise surveys the MASS MoCA exhibition. Themes explored include equity, visibility, belief, regeneration and space-making. This publication gives context to Kaino’s diverse practice, provides promises for people to follow to live in a better, more humane world and serves as a field guide to being human.

Del Monico Books/ MASS MOCA
Hardcover, 256 pages
8 x 10 Inches
ISBN 9781636810119

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