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Francis Alÿs: Politics of Rehearsal

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The Politics of Rehearsal accompanies the first large-scale American museum exhibit on Francis Alÿs, one of the most acclaimed artists working today. The centerpiece of the book is Alÿs' Rehearsal (Ensayo) series, but a number of related earlier works are included. "Ensayo 1, 1999-2000" shows a red Volkswagen Beetle attempting to ascend a steep hill in Tijuana: its attempts are synchronized with the sound track of Mexican danzon musicians rehearsing. "Ensayo 2, 2005" follows the rehearsal of a dancer practicing a striptease, and "Ensayo 3" will be produced by Alÿs specifically for the exhibition. Other works include "When Faith Moves Mountains" and "Song for Lupita," as well as many paintings, photographs and drawings. This significant new publication contains a DVD and an in-depth exploration of Alÿs's oeuvre by Russell Ferguson, organizer of the exhibition, focusing on the theme of rehearsal, which is so characteristic of Alÿs' work.

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