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DIY KIT- Beeswax Food Wraps

$ 19.00

 This kit is easy, fun, and helps reduce waste all around. Using your home oven and our pure beeswax (which smells incredible by the way) you'll create 3 food wraps that can be used time and again in place of single-use plastic. Last Chance Textiles created this kit from their production scraps because theylove upcycling for zero-waste goals.

Kit Details

*Includes three pre-cut fabrics (Large-11"x13" | Medium- 9"x9" | Small-6"x8"), pure beeswax sourced from bees in the USA, and a paintbrush for spreading the wax.
*Suitable for ages six and up with adult supervision and help
*Each kit has unique assortment of 3 fabric colors and patterns. 
*Detail instructions are included as well as a QR code link to more tutorials in video form.