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Colorful Rice Wax Candle - Earth Colors

$ 20.00

DAIYO's best-selling rice wax candles ever!

It burns for 15 minutes and is perfect for a quick coffee break or meditation session. DAIYO uses rice bran wax as the natural raw material, ensuring it is not only environmentally friendly but also minimizes wax dripping and oil smoke, allowing you to use it with peace of mind.

Packaged in an illustrated box featuring a cat and a mouse. Japanese candles are made of natural wax only, such as rice bran wax, as in this series, allowing mice to feed on them. Japanese candle makers traditionally keep cats as guardians to repel the mice. By extension, a candle shop with cats is a testament to using natural ingredients.

dimensions: dia10 x h45mm, 15 min., 10 pc-pack
material(s): Rice wax, rush weed, WASHI-paper, silk fiber, dyes

**Note: Circular candle holder sold separately