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Christian Marclay

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It is sound—and our culturally determined reactions to it—that forms the basis of Christian Marclay's genre- and media-crossing art. Fascinated by the translation of the audible into the visual, the theme that informs all of his work is the space between what we hear and what we see. Telephone conversation, movies, reviews of musical performances, compact discs and album covers have all provided sources of inspiration for his work. This volume looks at the diverse body of work that Marclay has created from 1980 to the present, exploring it within the various contexts of music, art history and popular culture in which it exists. Twenty years of Marclay's sculpture, collage, installation, photography and video are represented. Essayists include Russell Ferguson, UCLA Hammer Museum chief curator and the Marclay exhibition curator; Miwon Kwon, University of California, Los Angeles professor of art history; Douglas Kahn, professor of technocultural studies at the University of California, Davis and a leading scholar of avant-garde music; and Alan Licht, musician and sometime Marclay collaborator. The definitive volume on one of today's most influential artists.