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Hannah Keefe Chandelier Earring

$ 200.00

A 2004 graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art, Hannah Keefe works in a highly individual manner with various metals, chainwork, and soldering techniques, creating expressive jewelry that suggests ethnographic textiles, beadwork patterns, and modernist weaving motifs. “I like my jewelry to resemble the contents of a treasure chest,” Keefe says, “shimmering with the promise of something indescribably rich.” The artist devotes meticulous attention to balancing lightness and weight, to subtleties of color, to creating a sculptural feel. This is jewelry that, when you’re not wearing it, you’ll want to hang on your wall.

brass chain with silver solder

length with chain 3"

length without chain 1.375"

post length 1.375"

width 1.25"