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Butterfly Blue Pea Cocktail Cubes

$ 25.00

Sweeten up your life with our signature handmade organic floral sugar cubes. Naturally vibrant blue via butterfly blue pea flowers and sprinkled with blue bachelor button petals. These are delicious dropped into a cocktail, mocktail, coffee or tea. They sparkle in the sun and best of all, these blue gems turn purple and even bright pink with lemon or lime juice acid. Super fun for making lemonade that changes colors from blue to pink before our eyes. Jars stay fresh for up to 1 year. Each 8 oz. jar contains 45-50 cubes.

INGREDIENTS: organic cane sugar, organic butterfly blue pea flowers, organic bachelor button petals.

Each 8 oz. jar contains 45 cubes.

For storage: please store jars in room temperature in a cupboard away from direct sunlight.