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Blocks Melliferous Plants

$ 35.00

The wooden stacking toy "tree crowns" teaches how the shapes of tree crowns looks like. There are so many possibilities. Each stick (trunk) and crown are different and can be freely composed. In nature, conical shapes are conifers like spruce or pine. Birch, beech or cherry have an umbrella-shaped crown. The round crown is definitely maple and the columnar one is oak. Look around on walks and conjure up your own forest here. You can create it in so many ways-by arranging similar shapes next to each other, or by sizefrom the smallest to the largest or vice versa. Or maybe you will mix everything-order, trunks, crowns? I wonder what the forest will look like then? The puzzle develops the senses, stimulates the imagination, trains motor skills. Wood from FSC® certified suppliers. Finished with beeswax and vegetable oils that give the wood a perfect smoothness and arepleasant to the touch. Packed in a cardboard box designed to be reused or easily recycled. Free from any harmful 

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