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BINU BINU: Shaman Charcoal Soap

$ 22.00

Created in homage to the female shamans of Korea known as MUDANG 무당Female healers, who bridge the space between the human and spirit worlds.Mudang?, this soap contains essential oils of SANDALWOOD 샌달우드Known as the "cosmic tree" in Korean folklore, the heart of the creation story of Korea.Sandalwood? (the “cosmic tree” of Korean lore), Pine and activated Charcoal, ingredients used in traditional purification rituals.

This 4 oz. soap is wrapped in white paper packaging in reference to BAEKJI 백지Paper burning can be viewed as an act of purifying uncleanness with fire, but also as a prayer to the gods, in which case the white paper serves as a medium between humans and the gods.Baekji?, white ritual paper used in shamanic rituals as sacred objects, offerings, or in the burning of sacred text.