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Beekeeping: Explore the Marvelous World of Honeybees

$ 12.95

For budding apiarists, this introductory book offers fascinating information about honeybees and everything you need to know to begin your own beekeeping journey. For example, did you know that from birth, female bees are promoted through roles such as nurse, baker, and guardian of the hive? Or that male bees’ primary purpose is simply to mate with a queen, but only 0.1% of them ever will?

In these pages, you’ll discover the inner workings of the beehive, the properties of honey, the basics of keeping bees, and the joys that come from this meditative hobby, including a thriving garden, environmental stewardship, and a supportive community (not to mention delicious honey!). A whole world awaits—and it’s just outside your door.

Ariel Silva
Chronicle Books
Hardcover, 128 pages
ISBN 9781797224831

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