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20-Minute Meditation Clock Set

$ 48.00

The 20-Minute Meditation Clock embodies the simplicity of ancient timekeeping and the tranquility of fire meditation, offering a subtle, serene way to mark time with the quiet burn of a single flame. The set includes a brass plate for safe burning, a box of matches for easy lighting, and 30 beeswax candles, each meticulously crafted to burn for 20 minutes, offering a reliable and elegant timekeeping solution.

- Set includes: A brass plate, a box of matches, and 30 beeswax candles
- Brass Plate dimensions: 2.4” (6cm) x 1.6” (4cm) x 0.6” (1.5cm)
- Beeswax Candles dimensions: 2.3" (5.8cm) high x 1/4" (0.63cm) diameter
- Candle Burn Time: 20 minutes per candle
- Made in China