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One Day Intern

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One Day Intern is a limited edition artist book created by John Wu that documents his residency or "internship" at the Hammer Museum.   

And excerpt from Wu's thoughtful introduction below:

“One Day Intern” was an idea to use my Hammer artist residency to spend one day in each department of the museum as an intern. It became a year-long journey.

I have participated in all kinds of activities at the museum including shadowing staff, setting up events, department meetings, mopping floor, watching security monitor, lunches, field trips to the bank, keeping a watchful eye on the books in the book store, presenting my art in meetings, awkward situations, and so on. I am so glad I did what I did; It gave me a chance to see and learn the stories of people who work at the museum and how they engage art in various ways. I have been taking notes and pictures and making drawings to document this experience. It is a view of the place and the people. It is a reminder to me who we are always in a community. We are living in a community. People may not look like us, have the same interests, do the same kind of work, share the same cultural background, or live in the same social class, but we all live in this community. It is a reminder to me that I can always learn something new from the people who I just met and the people I have known for a long while.

A limited number of signed copies are available.



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