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The Redstone Diary 2025: Moments of Happiness

$ 24.95

This year’s edition of Redstone’s beloved cult diary celebrates happiness and the exploration of joy in everyday life

Life, the philosophers say, should be spent in pursuit of happiness. We are bombarded with advice on what fulfillment looks like: on how to be, what not to do, improvement plans, mantras of wellbeing, being kind to oneself and others. But such contentment remains elusive; nor is it a rational goal, however alluring. We can, at best, only see glimmers of such pleasures and recall them in retrospect. But if we can place these moments together, day by day, across weeks and months, we can achieve something resembling a good life. Edited by Julian Rothenstein, founder of the Redstone Press, the 2025 Redstone Diary is a calendar of these essential moments of flourishing. From Virginia Woolf’s diary to Confucian texts, the syncopations of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, to the Pillow Book of Shea Shonagon, Moments of Happiness brims with photography, painting, poetry and more. It opens with a thought-provoking introduction by English author and historian Marina Warner that questions how and why we pursue our bliss. Coveted by creatives and stationery aficionados alike, the Redstone Diary is a practical, inspiring and aesthetically pleasing companion for the calendar year.

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