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Sumac Wax Candle set - 6 pack

$ 22.00

Sumac wax is a scarce material, harvested only from the berries of sumac plants in East Asia. Each of these candles are hand-made by DAIYO's master craftsmen and made from 100% natural materials. The candle wick is made from washi paper, rush weeds and silk fibers. The candle craftsman coats the wick with a layer of wax, a process which is repeated over and over until the exact thickness is achieved.

The handmade structure and process allows these candles to burn for a longer time with a greater flame compared to modern candles. And because they're virtually free of contaminants, they burn with almost no smoke or drippage.

Unlike typical candles that are made from hydrocarbons (or fossil fuels), these are environmentally friendly and perfect for indoor use. 


set of 6 sumac wax candles
Burn time: 30 min
Size: 4.1 in (105 mm)
Material: Sumac wax, rush weed, washi paper, silk fiber
Handmade in Japan