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STALOGY: Butter Cream 1/2 Year Grid Notebook (A5)

$ 20.00

Being a notebook that gives you the possibility to turn it into a planner. On the sides of its Sheets grid, this notebook gives you the possibility to mark the day of the month (at the top of each page) and the time (on the side). This way, you can also use it as a daily planner.

Contain 192 pages. This means you will have pages to use daily for half a year but also, as this notebook has been designed not only to keep a schedule, you will be able to add notes, sketches or project timelines.

Its paper. Made with exceptional thinness, this fine 52 gsm paper makes this notebook extremely portable as it is light in weight and width. In addition, thanks to the technology used, the paper is specially designed to prevent ink bleed-through and can therefore be used with Fountain Pen fountain pen.

Its binding, which allows the notebook to be fully open and lay flat.

Their colors, specially chosen for this limited edition.

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