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Our Earth, Our Home

$ 23.95

Young readers will be swept along by Kai, the guide on this journey, who only has five rules:

1) Be yourself
2) You have everything you need
3) You can create whatever you want
4) We are all connected
5) Have fun with life!

With those rules as the north star, Ranger Kai teaches kids and adults about eating, permaculture, mindfulness, design thinking, creating a garden, DIY crafts, and more. Each section includes illustrated step-by-step guides and activity ideas.

Many books on climate change and green living for kids focus on recycling or other small-picture ideas. This book from Japan dares to truly envision a post-carbon future—and not only that, embraces it and charts the path towards a truly fun life, in harmony with the Earth.

Author Kai Sawyer and Azusa Fukuoka
Illustrated by Wakana Kawamura
Plum Blossom
Paperback/ 144 pages
ISBN 9781952692116