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O'Keeffe & Moore

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    • This elegant exhibition catalog is presented by The San Diego Museum of Art to accompany the 2023 major exhibition O'Keeffe and Moore, which explores the evolution of Modernism through the work of Georgia O'Keeffe and Henry Moore. Featuring essays from prominent scholars, including representatives of both the Henry Moore Foundation and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, the catalog's richly illustrated text delves into each artist's motivation and methodology, and the parallels between them, in particular, the inspiration both took from nature and organic forms, such as bones and seashells. The publication serves as an essential companion to the exhibition. In addition to explorations of the artists' studios that provide further insight into their working methods, the catalog presents drawings, paintings, and sculpture that illustrate the organic roots of Modernism developed independently, yet concurrently, by O'Keeffe and Moore. Thematic sections of the catalogue include the Real and the Surreal; The Artists' Studios; Bones; Stones; Seashells, Flowers, and Internal/External Forms; and Landscapes of Forms. Essay topics include Henry Moore: Modernism, Nature, and National Identity; “A Revelation of the Perfect Relation”: The Influence of D.H. Lawrence on the work of Henry Moore and Georgia O'Keeffe; and Finding the Form and the publication will also include a comparative chronology of the lives and careers of the two artists.