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Nikita Gale: In a Dream You Climb the Stairs

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Nikita Gale: IN A DREAM YOU CLIMB THE STAIRS is the first artist book by the acclaimed artist- Includes an interview with Barbara Kruger and original contributions by P. Staff, Hilton Als and Dr. Bénédicte Boisseron- Features four original visual essays by Gale: 'Absence', 'Ruin', 'Silence' and 'Dog'Chisenhale Gallery launches the second title in its Chisenhale Books series, Nikita Gale: IN A DREAM YOU CLIMB THE STAIRS. Marking the finale of Gale's Chisenhale exhibition, her first artist's book contains an intergenerational conversation with conceptual artist Barbara Kruger and a short meditation by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Hilton Als. These feature alongside contributions by artist and Chisenhale Gallery alum P. Staff and Dr. Bénédicte Boisseron, author of Afro-Dog: Blackness and the Animal Question. Through the lens of a multifaceted practice, Gale examines themes of invisibility and audibility, interrogating the dynamic between performer and spectator, structure, and decay. Produced with great care, this extraordinary book is reflective of the artist's practice. Four visual essays, hand-annotated by Gale - 'Absence', 'Ruin', 'Silence', 'Dog' - explore themes central to the work. Nikita Gale: IN A DREAM YOU CLIMB THE STAIRS deploys throw-outs, gatefolds, five different types of papers, and a subtly disruptive design to delve into Nikita Gale's art.