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Lari Pittman (Villa Arson Nice)

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Originally from Los Angeles, Lari Pittman has been exhibiting since the 1980s and teaches painting at the University of California since 1993. He works in series, producing repertoires of motifs. Each of them combines a large format painting, made on several panels, to paintings of varying sizes. On smooth, shiny surfaces, a profusion of objects, signs, and non-hierarchical symbols is entangled. Easily recognizable figurative elements revolve around abstract shapes and ornamental elements. Each painting is a complex network combining current and personal references, borrowing from the history of the decorative arts, wallpaper and textiles. This profusion creates a dense composition, animated by a great vitality, in which the space is totally saturated. Lari Pittman plays with crossing, tension, juxtaposition to build an anachronistic and phantasmagorical universe.

76 pages, color illustrations, 28 x 20.5 cm, bilingual french - english