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Kim Jungman: Can you Hear the Wind Blow

$ 75.00

"This gorgeous series of large format photographs illustrates the sound of wind, made visible by the subtlest movements of tree branches, leaves, and a seemingly endless number of birds in flight and at rest. Comprising 62 photographs, 'Can You Hear the Wind Blow' beckons the viewer into what appears to be a wide-open forest of single trees, each with enough space to move freely in the wind. The trees are portrayed as stoic individuals, at once deeply rooted and flexible, planted at an unknown time in an unknown paradise. In actual fact, all of the photographs in the book were made between 2008 and 2017, and simply depict a row of neglected street trees in an alley between the artist's studio and home in Seoul.


Kim Jungman
Nazraeli Press
Hardcover/ 80 pages
ISBN 9781590055007