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Kids Art Museum Projects: Eamon Ore-Giron

$ 60.00

For 2020, the Hammer worked with 4 artists to create unique, at home projects. For this project, work along side Eamon Ore-Giron to create your own masterpiece!

From Eamon:

Hi everyone- thanks for painting with me today! As a painter, I use different shapes—like circles, triangles, steps, and rectangles—to create paintings that remind people of things they might see in the world around them, such as the moon, the rays of the sun, and temples or other buildings and structures. Each viewer gets to decide what my work reminds them of. I combine the shapes I use, often layering and overlapping them, to create new forms and colors, and to give my paintings a sense of depth and movement. For this project, I want to invite you to experiment with some of the techniques I use to create your own paintings.

Kit Includes:

  • Watercolor paper (3 sheets)
  • Watercolor paint kit
  • Watercolor brushes (3 brushes)
  • Pencils (2)
  • Stencil sheet with perforated forms
  • Paper towel
  • Brown paper work mat

* You will also need a cup of water

Ages 3+ with Supervision


K.A.M.P. is a unique family fundraiser that provides kids of all ages the chance to be creative with Los Angeles-based artists. Proceeds from K.A.M.P. provide essential support to Hammer Kids programming, which serves thousands of children and families annually.