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Kaweco: Ice Sport Fountain Pen Glow Highlighter Yellow

$ 36.00

The Kaweco Ice Sport series combines the classic look of the Kaweco writing instruments design of 1935 with modern accents. The transparent colors offer special attractions: they are allowing a glance into the inner life of the writing instruments. The pens have oversized cap arrangements which creates a small closed pen, but a full length open pen. Dimensions when closed: Approximately 4.1 inches long. Dimensions when opened: Approximately 5.3 inches long. The Kaweco Ice Sport Glow Marker Yellow provides an alternative to standard highlighters. Stainless steel 1.9 mm calligraphy nib and box of 6 flashy neon yellow ink cartridges included.

Kaweco Ice Sport Set - Glow Marker Yellow with Cartridges:

  • Finish: Transparent Neon Yellow
  • Cap: Threaded Cap, Clip Sold Separately
  • Trim: Silver Trim
  • Nib: Calligraphy 1.9mm Stainless Steel Nib
  • Filling Mechanism: Short international size cartridges or bottled ink (converter purchased separately)
  • Box of 6 Flashy Neon Yellow ink cartridges (included)
  • Kaweco Gift Tin

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