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I Looked & Looked

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The discrete artist book borrows its title from a love letter that Alfred Stieglitz wrote to Georgia O’Keeffe on the night of September 25, 1923. In his letter, Stieglitz describes a full, white moon over Lake George, New York. On the same night, O’Keeffe penned a description of a pink moon, as witnessed from the shore of York Beach, Maine. Inspired by the synchronicity of this romantic exchange, Duzant called upon twenty creatives to describe the full moon, in anonymity, on the same night from vantage points across the country. That night was October 29, 2012, which brought the unexpected force of Hurricane Sandy, and led to wildly varying accounts of a single sky. I Looked & Looked weaves these narratives together with Duzant’s images in a lyrical reflection on our relationship to the night sky.

Magali Duzant
Conveyor Studio
Paperback, 64 pages

ISBN 9780990801634