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Golda: Green Tea

$ 22.00

This green tea comes from the city of Yame, known for producing some of Japan’s finest competition-grade green tea and has won 26 tea awards.

At 450 meters above sea level, the guiding philosophy behind the farm producing the tea is that the health of the soil is directly related to the health of the tea and thus those who drink it. The soil hosts a vast array of microorganisms and other living creatures that give strong elasticity and a sweet smell to the plants that grow from it. In 2006, this was the first Japanese Tea to pass the European Commision’s extremely stringent maximum pesticide residue level legislation in which 1100 pesticides are restricted to between .01 and .05 parts per million. The farm has also been certified organic by Fukuoka’s government since 1998.

Studio Cue offers the tea in a neat, resealable foil package by the bag for everyone to enjoy. When you're finished steeping, let the bag dry. Once it is no longer moist, open the bag up and sprinkle over rice to have as a snack with seaweed.

10 tea bags per package.

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