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Deanna Templeton: Love You

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Love You is a selection of photographs by Deanna Templeton centering around the idea of love and its symbolism, especially the heart shape as it manifests itself in myriad forms in public streets worldwide. Be it a lock clamped onto a bridge with a wish and a prayer, or a marriage proposal scrawled into the sand, public expressions of love date back to prehistoric cave paintings. At its core the heart symbol, like the two fingered peace sign, is the simplest way to express your feelings - a shorthand for 'I love you.' A sentiment seemingly in short supply these days, and precisely why Deanna chose this theme for her One Picture Book. Deanna Templeton is an American photographer known for her documentary and serial work exploring youth culture and feminine identity. Since the 1990s Templeton has explored many subjects, from the nude body to street photography at night, contrasting her own tumultuous adolescence with young women growing up in our current era. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide including, Pier 24, San Francisco; NRW Forum, Dusseldorf, Germany; Daelim Museum, South Korea; The Australian Center for Photography, Sydney, Australia; The Preus Museum, Norway; The Museum Het Domein, The Netherlands; and The Schunk Museum, The Netherlands.


Deanna Templeton
Nazraeli Press
Hardcover/ 16 pages
ISBN 9781590055489