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Chirri & Chirra Under the Sea

$ 16.95

Join Chirri and Chirra on their enchanting adventure beneath the waves. Chirri and Chirra are pedaling along when they find a cave. At the end of the cave, they see a light. Oh! They are under the sea! They pedal through a maze of coral and pass through an opening in the seaweed, into a scene of seashells of all colors and shapes. Naturally, they come upon sea treats, such as parfait à la conch and marine soda jelly topped with pearl cream. They even experience the famed “South Sea Musical” performed by multitudes of beautiful fish. This is the happy, lovely world of Chirri and Chirra, where they stumble upon the most wonderful surprises under the sea. 


Age Group: 4-8 years old
Author & Illustrator: Kaya Doi Translated by: David Boyd
Dimensions: 9.5 x 0.5 x 6.8 inches
Hardcover: 36 pages
ISBN: 9781592703029