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Calendar 2022 Hurray Today Clare Crespo

$ 45.00

Hurray Hurray! This year’s Hurray Today calendar will quench your thirst!!

It features beautiful drawings of BEVERAGES in all their refreshing and comforting glory! Ahhhhh! That’s right, delicious drinks all day, all year! Thirteen 13”x 27” posters (twelve months plus a cover) that will brighten any old wall you put them on! U.S. observances, holidays, moon cycles, astronomical events, and just wild special days are all on there to help you celebrate all year while keeping on track!

Comes in a sturdy cardboard tube with a great shiny sticker that makes it easy to ship or wrap up if its a gift. Calendar is rolled up inside with with a cheerful colored clip to help you hang it up.


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