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Cabinet 67 Dreams

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Dreams are some of the most private experiences humans know, and yet humans have long felt a need to share them. Across history, protocols have been developed to make this possible, and though Western culture is poor in such techniques, in this it is the exception. Elsewhere, there continue to be dream-circles and dream recitations, dream predictions and dream journeys. Cabinet 67, with a special section on “Dreams” and coedited by Matthew Spellberg, includes Spellberg's essay on the cultural history of doing things with dreams; Martin Dimitrov on the suspicious dreams of peasants recorded in the archives of the Bulgarian secret police: and Emma Lieber on citizens’ dreams under authoritarian regimes. Elsewhere in the issue: Carol Mavor on the figure of the hare in the arts; Julian Lucas’ interview with Philip Fisher about the many literary and historical varieties of kindness; and Alfie Brown on “A Love of UIQ,” Félix Guattari’s 1987 screenplay for an unrealized science fiction film.


Paperback/ 96 pages
ISBN 9781932698824

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