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Build a Skyscraper

$ 19.95

Everything needed to create an inner-city masterpiece is included: glass, concrete, windows, walls, roofs, and more. The pack contains 64 cards (4 x 2¾") of a variety of graphic designs. Clever paper engineering means cards can be slotted together, building up and out in any direction. Also included is a short booklet with descriptions of the card designs and suggestions of stacking methods. The instructions show how to build a skyscraper, but leave scope for creating imaginative constructions. Renowned illustrator Paul Farrell has designed these cards in a cool, graphic style, turning the image of a skyscraper into a work of art.

Ages 3-5 

Paul Farrell
Box with 64 interlocking cards
8 1/2 x 5 3/4 inches
ISBN 9781843654742