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Blue Glass Spray Bottle

$ 14.00

16 oz. Blue Glass Spray Bottle, Designed to Protect EOs This durable, refillable 16 oz blue glass sprayer bottle makes it easy to replace wasteful store-bought chemical cleaners with all-natural, non-toxic homemade cleaners you make yourself at home. Simply choose a recipe, add ingredients to the fill lines on the bottle, shake, and you're ready to clean! Every time you mix up a batch of cleaner, you not only eliminate the waste of a plastic bottle - you also avoid the shipping and production costs associated with that bottle and reduce your family's exposure to toxic chemicals!   Replace All Your Chemical Household Cleaners! Each reusable spray bottle has 5 cleaning recipes printed on the outside. These homemade recipes use naturally aromatic and antibacterial essential oils to replace harsh chemicals. The granite cleaner is a gentle way to keep your countertops sparkling. The veggie wash helps keep produce clean and safe. The all purpose cleaner is a great antibacterial cleaner for any room of the house. Our ammonia-free glass cleaner works well on any surface that needs a streak-free shine. Finally, the powerful heavy duty cleaner is the one to put to work on hard jobs, thanks to its excellent degreasing properties.


  • Refillable, Dishwasher-Safe, BPA-Free & Lead-Free Glass
  • Blue glass protects EOs from UV damage
  • 3 Trigger Sprayer Settings: Spray, Stream & Off
  • Includes 5 NEW Recipes Including: Glass, Granite, Veggie Wash, All Purpose & Heavy Duty.
  • Save money, reduce waste, and replace harmful chemicals!

Product Details:

  • Brand: Cleaning Essentials
  • Colour: Blue
  • Item Weight: 295 g
  • Product Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.6 x 21.6 cm